I'm going to be 15 in a couple of months and I really want to lose weight by this summer, which is about six months which is a pretty good amount of time! Last year I weighed under 100 pounds and when I moved to Texas i gained a bunch of weight. I now weigh 145lbs and I want to at least be 110 pounds or less. I want to do it the healthy way and I want to take my time but believe me when I say it is so hard!! My family is very unhealthy, we buy nothing but junk. My aunt has bought me some healthy things in the past but I just don't have the determination to stick to it. And on top of that I am very busy with school and do not have much time to run even though I try when I can. Any advice on what I should eat, how much I should run (time wise), how to stay motivated and say NO?