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Hi i'm a nineteen year old girl, and for the past couple of years, i randomly have episodes where everything will get really loud, ill get slightly dizzy, i will get extremly warm and i wont be able to talk and if i can talk i wont no what i am saying and people have told me that when i do talk durng these episodes sometimes i talk normal and sometimes im talking complete c**p and if someone is talking to me i will have no idea what they are saying to me it just sounds like random noise coming out of their mouthes. On top of that i always have constant pressure in some parts of my body such as my eyes, hands, belly button but the worst is my head my head always has constant pressure and it always feels like its going to explode and sometimes these pressure points feel like they have a pulsating sensation. lol I've talked to my doctor about this many times and he always said it was vertigo and finnally after the 100th time complaining he reallized that it may not be vertigo cause this has been going on for years and ive tried every remedy hes ever told me to try for vertigo lol and he has scheduled a ct scan for me. but im really anxious to find out what this could be does ne body have ne suggestions?



Hi there, that might be an inner ear issue as best I can tell but at the same time, I am not entirely sure. I am glad you are getting a CT scan and hopefully that will yield some good results. Can you tell us how it goes??