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Okay so ive been doing the foreskin stretching and im able to pull it down completely/sorta when im flaccid but like when i try to pull it down the foreskin can go down but like the area where the frenelum is is tight and i feel minor pain. but when im erect it seems the frenelum is long enough but like i think i can pull my for skin over the glands but im afraid if pull it down all the way it will get stuck. it doesnt really feel tight. also after thats out of the way. Effective ways to desensitize glands? also just wanted to know if i should take the jump and pull it all the way down if its erected


With additional exposure, the glans will become a bit less sensitive.
Also, if the head remains too sensitive, there are methods to leave the glans exposed when dressing, so that it will have contact with your underwear. This also leads to less sensitivity.

And if all else fails, additional direct stimulation during masturbation ought to help, over time.

Some companies also sell a cream or a gel that wil desensitise anything it is spread upon...glanz, fingers, genitals, whatever.
However much of the application and use of this product is tricky, unless you put it on before a condom, to contain it.
Others try to wash it all off, just before sexual contact. The trick is to not spread this numbing agent to a partner or where you don't want it, or for it not to make you completely numb. Tricky.