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I noticed a lump in the area behind my knee. I was light coloerd brown. It looked like a frickle and a pimple at the same time. I grabbed the tweezers and pulled it thinking its a pimple or an in grown hair. The skin was pulled out and it started to bleed. I took the whole top part out. Is is fairly small. what is it you think? Im afraid it could be some sort of cancer.


My father noticed a bump under his knee. It started to hurt and the area got red and bluish. He made an appointment at the doctor’s and he was found to have a thrombus. It is a blood clot that could circulate the blood stream and block blood vessels. It is quite dangerous. He had to get some really expensive drugs to get rid of this thrombus but if he didn’t he could have died.

Your bump could also be a baker’s cysts. They usually appear at the back of the knees. It is fluid accumulation. They don’t hurt but if they are opened, they could swell and hurt but I am not sure about the bleeding.

I would suggest you saw a doctor and have the lump evaluated. Better to prevent than heal, right?