Everyday I aways see my crush staring at me, one time I caught him he looked away right away and he started to blush. And one time when I was late I caught him staring at me and his friends was teasing him so then he put his hood on then put his head down on his desk. One time at gym him and his friends were exercising right besides me and my friends and he was doing that exercise where you look like your sitting down right beside me and I caught him staring at me then he smiled at me cause before gym me and my friend were walking to gym then I looked to my right and he was there and I said by accendent "holy sh*t you scared me" then he smiled and started to blush so then I started to blush too. And before he went to the change rooms he saw me and my friend standing at the door to the back he came and went outside for like 6 seconds and idk why but i said "Thank you"(with the door open) then he went back inside he smiled at me and started to blush (the same with me too)