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So I was with this girl.she is a virgin but I put my penis in her a little bit and I had a little per cum. Could she get pregnant from that even if I didn't fully take her virginity?



Well firstly if you put your penis inside her you did take her virginity,  The moment a guy puts his wang in their even if her hymen does not pop she is no longer a virgin.  Onto your question about pre cum.  If you had pre cum leaking out or on the end of your penis as you put it inside her, yes it's possible she can get pregnant.  Next time you may want to plan ahead as in the heat of the moment you may toss aside reasoning and common sense and think your safe in instances such as you described, carry a condom with you if your sexually active, so if you ever find yourself in this situation again you wont need to worry about pregnancy.

I hope this helps<3