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i want to lose 30 to 35 kg in 5 months helppp and dont say that i have to eat fruits i hate it. i am 13 years old height 5,2 helpppp dying hereeee its my cusins wedding nd i want to lose weghtt as much as i can


Hello, Sanaya... what type of foods do you like to eat?  What do you eat regularly?  You would benefit by adding exercise to your day.  If you add 30 minutes of walking or any exercise that you enjoy, you can lose weight while not going overboard on junk food.  You will need to be careful about how much you eat a day.  If you take the weight where you want to weigh, like 130 pounds and multiply it by 12, you will get the number of calories you can eat each day to lose weight. Just don't cut back on the calories too much, like going below 1200 calories a day.   Good luck to you!