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hi im 12 years old and i need to lose weight in 10 my secondary school 1st year most of the girls are skinny minnies and im just fat. i weigh 84.4kg is that fat or overweight.what is a 12 year old girls average weight.i dont feel good about myself when i wear clothes i feel like a going on holidays to my dads country and ALL my cousins are soooo skinny and wen i go there some of them call me fat in my dads language even if theyre only messing i dont care. iwanna go there this year skinny so the will have no name to call me.i am about 5ft 5.

plz reply i need some tips to slim down.


You have plenty of time to slim down and do it in a healthy way at that.  You should weigh about 130-140 pounds at 5'5".  This would be about 59-63 kg so you would need to lose about 23 kg.  You can safely lose 2.3 kg a month if you are taking 10 months to lose the weight.  All you need to do is start exercising regularly.  Walking an hour per day is a great way to lose unwanted pounds.  You also do not need to starve yourself. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables; stay away from junk food.  If you do these things, you will lose weight and won't feel deprived.