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I'm a 14yr old girl and I weigh 138. I want to lose weight by January 11th I have a winter formal and I want to be around 125 pounds I am in basketball but I don't see any results so can you guys please help me?


Hello, Guest!  So you want to lose 13 pounds by January 11th?  You might be able to do it if you stick to eating healthy foods.  No junk food, no fried foods, and no sweets.  Eat more vegetables and fruit ,and limit white bread and pasta to a serving a day (which would be about 1 cup).  You should add a exercise plan of walking briskly for 1 hours a day (or similar activity).  If you follow all of these tips, you will lose weight.  I am not going to say you will lose all 13 pounds by then but you never know.  Good luck to you and I hope you reach your weight loss goal by 1/11/14!!