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I'm 13, going in 8th grade. I weigh more than 220 pounds :'( I'm about 5ft 5in-5ft 6in. We got a treadmill a while ago, I try to go on everyday for 30 minutes, I usually make it, but I just discovered the weight loss workouts on it, I've been trying those, but they're sometimes too much for me. Inclining too much, going too fast, but I try. I don't really like many healthy foods :( I don't like ANY veggies, and I only like a few fruits. I'm really picky with food. I wish I wasn't. Allot of girls in my class are fat, but I feel like I'm the fattest...I'm really not comfortable in my body at all. I really want to be lower than 160 at least by the end of summer, which is impossible, but I really don't wanna be fat anymore...I'd love to be just normal weight, I'm not looking to be supermodel skinny, I just want to be normal skinny. I know, 160 isn't really skinny at all, but I feel it's the most I can actually lose by the end of summer. It's the beginning of June right now, I go back like, August 16th or something. 
I really want to be normal...


Hi dear

Usually weight loss methods are very difficult to follow. You need strong determination to achieve this goal. First of all love your body and this feeling helps you to eat the veggies which you do not like. Few simple tips helps you to reduce fast.
  • Cut down refined sugar intake (cakes, ice creams, sweets, chocolates etc)
  • Reduce deep fried food.
  • Consume sea foods and lean meat instead of red meat.
  • Avoid cheese, butter etc.
  • Munch on oat biscuits and whole grain bread.
  • Say no to soft drink.
  • Consume green tea regularly.
  • Reserve three days in a week for only veg food
  • Include honey in your diet as much as you can.
  • Walk and move as briskly as you can.
cheers, good luck