i had my appendix removed on feb last year. They later found that i have this endometriosis thingy but it was mild.. I did not think much of it as I gt married a mth later & we did not want to have children yet.. I then went on the pill till about jan this year coz d doctor said tt it will prevent d endometriosis frm 'spreading'..
I then started to do research online to find out more on endometriosis and was scared to learn that it is a kind of infertility. So we started trying to see if i can conceive.. but its been almost 7 to 8 months now & i'm still not pregnant.. i've tried following the ovulation chart but its not working..
i really fear tt i cannot conceive at all..
i juz want to know how long do women with mild endometriosis take to conceive if at all?