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I want to know that are parents are responsible for attention deficit disorder? Means I saw so many cases where most of the children who having ADD are facing this problem just because of their parents. Because they said that due to separation of parents or working parents are not able to give them specific time.


Hey there Avamarlo,


You're asking quite a controversial question. There's evidence to suggest both yes and no to your question. You're basically asking- is ADHD nature or nurture and the answer is possibly both.

There is evidence to suggest that it's due to an irregularity in 'brain chemistry' (more specifically, the dopamine receptor D4 gene); however, brain chemistry development can be related to environment. While there is quite a bit of research in to ADHD, none will give you a definite answer to your question.

Personally, I think ADHD could have many causes. It's classed as a behavioural disorder- not a psychological or neurological disorder, but behaviour depends on psychological and neurological processes, so it's core cause could be either.

I grasp your perception of ADHD. I think the problem with the label 'ADHD' is that because it's behavioural, it's hard to prove or disprove that someone has it. Thus, it has become the label of choice for many parents who can't be bothered to parent their children properly. I also find it completely pathetic that some parents use a child's behavioural diagnosis as an excuse for all bad behaviour. ADHD children are not necessarily 'bad' or 'naughty'; I've known a few children/teenagers who when their parents have said 'They have ADHD', I've expected the worse and seen nothing of the sort! However, that said, I've also seen kids with parents who think that everything they do is ADHD related, so they don't punish or reprimand them, when they should.

I also reserve assuming a cause to ADHD because of the willingness of G.P's to diagnose it. Considering they are paid to promote certain drugs, the boom of ADHD could have something to do with the boom of a drug called Ritalin.


Children with ADHD need to be kept interested and busy; they need routines and stability to a higher degree than non-ADHD children and need different ways to learn. They can be very intelligent, but because their attention is scattered, it can be hard for them to learn in the same way as non-ADHD children, so when it comes to schooling, they require a different approach.  

As for what you've said in your post about a possible cause being through parental seperation or parents not giving them specific time....mmm, I think you're being a little stereotypical and only going by your own opinion of what you've seen. Research, research, research! Don't go making blind assumptions, it makes you look small-minded. I have no doubt that these issues would cause *some* issues- perhaps, attachment issues though. If your theory is the case, then we should expect to have at least 90% of the UK experiencing ADHD in the next 5-10 years. Unlikely, I think, with the cut backs in the NHS. Perhaps you just know a lot of people who are seperated or work full-time who like to excuse their lack of parenting skills with the label ADHD!