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I have been addicted to heroin for quite some time now and im ready to end it, i just don't know where to go. I'm a 19 year old college student and i make just enough money to support my habbit. I would love to make an appointment with a doctor for suboxone but that is way out of my budget. I was looking into methadone clinics but i'm afraid thats just going to be like switching addictions and i dont know how much they cost either. Should i just go to my family physician? would he be able to do anything for me anyway?


Yeah if you start taking the methadone daily then it's pretty much like going from one drug to another, and methadone withdrawal is hell.

One thing I would do is to figure out how long heroin withdrawals normally last. If they don't last for more than a week, then just take 30 or 40mg of methadone for a week or something. And then take 20mg or 10mg or something. Basically, just take the minimum that you need to shield the withdrawals and take them for the least amount of time possible.

Another is to transition from heroin to oxycodone. Stay on oxycodone for a few weeks, and then transition from the oxycodone to Suboxone. That's what I did. Read the topic that I just posted "Overcoming successful withdrawal" if you want to read more about how I went about doing it. If you don't want to pay for a doc, then try getting the oxycodone from the street. Or explain to your doctor the truth and tell him you need him to prescribe you what you need.

A suboxone doctor costs (I think) about $300, and in many cases, your insurance will pay for it.