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i have a report to do and i need some anwsers.... so does the ice cream dier really work? Also what is it for?


Ice cream diet? That sounds sooo healthy and obviously intended for long term weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals lol!

Anyone can lose weight so long as they create a caloric deficit.
You need to burn 3,500 calories in order to lose 1 pound of fat.
This obviously takes time and patience-most people create this 500 calories a day deficit by cutting back 250 calories a day and doing 30-40 minutes of excercise everyday. It's too hard to cut back 500 calories a day that's why most people cut only 250 cals and workout everyday in order to meet the 500 calorie a day deficit.
See this is why nobody should fall for stupid diets that promise weight loss of 10 pounds or more in 1 week--unless a person is grossly overweight it ain't going to happen because those numbers do not add up with what it takes to lose 1 pound of fat.

Now you can lose weight on nothing but an ice cream diet, or chocolate diet etc so long as you do not exceed 1200 calories a day.
There are obvious problems with an ice cream diet--you're going to be lacking in so many food groups it will cause malnutrition if you are on it for more than 2-3 days and let's face it nobody can live on nothing but ice cream so it's going to be temporary without addressing the issue of new healthy eating habits and excercise.
Another obvious problem is that ice cream is so high in calories that you wouldn't be able to eat very much of it so you'll likely be hungry on top of losing out on eating nutritious foods.
You can eat 5 cups of salad and that's only 100 calories or you can eat 5 cups of ice cream which is 1340 calories so you'd be done with your caloric allowance for the day on 5 (8oz )cups of ice cream!! o.O
Of course you'll be left hungry and you would have had too many calories from sugar and fat.
Just eat like a healthy active thin person and you will look like a healthy active thin person.
Eat like someone who goes on fad diets and yo-yo diets which kills the metabolism and guess what? Your body will look like it.
I know it sucks that there are no quick or fun ways to lose weight. The only people who lose weight and keep it off made permanent lifestyle changes in diet and excercise so we always have to choose something we can stick with for the rest of our lives.

Hope that helps with your report