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Hi I'm 12 and I way 135 pounds!!!!! Ugh I can't stand my body!!! I want to lose weight but I always fail all my friends are skinny and I'm fat I always get full but my mom makes me eat it gets me mad I exercise and exercise but it's so hard I have this one boy on my mind and everytime I feel like giving up I remember him and think if I lose weight he might actually fall for me I need your guys help to lose weight I'm trying to get down to at least 90-100 pounds because all the girls at my school are skinnys but I need your help my family is always calling me fat I'm trying to not let my family know that I'm TRYING to lose weight so can you comment of what I can do please please comment I need your help!!!!!


Well well well! To begin with there are few golden rules to loose weight -

  • Eat healthy food. I mean salads, fresh fruit and food that is filling but does not count much on calories! Avoid junk food as in poison.
  • Do NOT go for a crash dieting, it may actually harm your health on long term basis.
  • Exercise - select something which is both motivating and which can be done EVERYDAY!!
  • Drink lots of fluids. Drinking few glasses of water before meals can actually lessen your appetite.

As for your family and parents, talk things over. Be firm, but not confrontational. Maybe cook up an excuse that you are trying for the sports team - I know this is lying but everything is fair in love and war and this IS a war on FAT!! Good luck