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I am a 38 y/o female and am 40 pounds over weight, I was wondering if the Calanetics exercise program is good or not. I am beginning to stress about my weight, I have always been athletic and active but with 3 kids and work and all the responsibilities of a modern family it is not getting done and I need a program that will not get in the way of being a mum and my family time ( with work there is little of that as it is) can do it about 11:00 pm once kids are in bed and all. do you have any sugestions?


Late at night is not very healthy for the body to exercise. You end up activating your body when it wants to wind down. This will make it hard for you to get adequate sleep and maintain health.

But on to some good news! Callanetics is an excellent exercise for weight loss. It builds muscle, which burns fat.

Other exercises to help you through the day are available, as well. For example, always take the stairs when they're available. Walk places instead of driving. Walking for at least an hour, nonstop every day is a fantastic way to lose weight.

Are your kids young and active? If so, take out time to play with them during the day. You'll be able to burn some fat and spend quality time with them.