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 im 14 and i found out that i have this piece o fat tissue   dangling out my virgina. i think this would be a major turn off for guys.  i am very cautious.  im not overweight and  i play three sports. im scared ill be forever alone becausse of this.:'(  please tell me what is goin on 


Hi there,

This just could be skin or if it is very unusual maybe you should see a doctor as it may be something more serious. But if its not painful or uncomfortable im sure it is just your body growing. You shouldnt be worried about what guys would be thinking about those parts of your body just yet. and if it is a medical condition you need to get it checked out before you do anything sexual with a partner, besides that you shouldnt be worried about what a guy will think, if he truly loves/likes you he will accept you for who you are not what you are ...  so you shouldnt worry about this :)


best wishes :)