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Im 16, I found out i was pregnant and had an abortion in December just gone, me and my boyfriend thought it was the best option as we are both young and he didnt want a child, i was fine with the decision until a few weeks later when he told me that his sister was pregnant. I am now finding myself depressed constantly and regret my decision, i can't stand to be around his family as all they talk about is her baby. This is causing plenty of arguments between me and my boyfriend as i cant seem to get over the abortion and he don't understand how i feel as he don't think about what happened, he tells me how stupid its getting as i cant get over it and tells me that im tearing him apart that i cant even be around his family, we can't seem to sort the situation out as i cant get over it and he says we shouldnt be together if i can't take the fact his sister is pregnant.
Will i ever be able to get over this and if so how??
Please help!!


hi depressedteen

i would just like to say that u are not alone. I was in the exact same situation as u. i had my abortion on 6th novermber last year and then 2 month later my bf came and told me that his best mates gf was pregnant...well i wasnt best pleased, the way my bf announced it really hurt me because it was as if he had forgot what i had been through.
i remember when i came home from the hospital the same day i had the abortion and these are the exact words that came out my bfs mouth....."i dont wanna ever talk or hear u talking of this abortion again, it is over with"
as you can imagine that hurt me pretty bad and i make excuses everyday for not going round to his house or his mates...dont get me wrong i do still love him but at the end of the day my feelings comes first.
I still hate pregnant woman now to this day but i have learned to accept that it is their body and pregnancy is a natural thing and one day i know that i will be carrying my baby that i know i can have and WANT!
so it will get easier but it will take time and patients from everyone around you. just take each day as it comes and if u can then keep busy soon it will fade but it wont go away.
if it helps talk to ur GP about it and they might refer you to a counciller.
best wishes. xxx


hello bad_day86 and depressedteen,

i just had my abortion on the 17th april o9. i didnt have a choice. i was 5 weeks pregnant and just stoked about the idea of havin a baby but my bf said no when i went to the clinic there was complications and i was told my egg would never form into a fetus so i had to have the abortion whether i wanted it or not. . sucks. so now i might never be able to have children. im 23 and the thought of never havin kids kills me....
if we all stick together i think we could get thru this. the idea of these forums is great, except for those people wh0 r anti abortion. but yes i too hate pregnant women and i just found out my friend who is like a sister to me is pregnant and i just cant look or talk to her right now knowin i wont ever have a baby of my own. :-( my bf has his ups and downs about it and no matter what he says i know he loves me but girls guys juz need to stop and listen to what and how they say things.

i wish u all the very best of luck in life and help with gettin over this. its not easy i know that for sure. and the pain is extruciating after the procedure.

sorry you had to go thru this.

newpostabortion. xox