hello all!! my name is bonnie i am 42yrs old. I have 3 grown kids am enegaged and weds scheduled for an anal dilation surgery due to rectal stenosis.....I do not suffer from crohns diease but have had these problems for nearly 20 years....i honestly didnt know where to post this question...In 1993 i suffered from an extreme case of pancreatitis and right a bout of colitis and in 2002 i went for a simple fissure surgery and ended up have a huge pilondial cyst excised. the wound was awful. through the years have had serveral perirectal abcesses drained.... in 2009 had 2 very deep abcesses removed and a public nurse for months with wound care. Well through all the i have developed anal stenosis and need dilation of my rectum due to SEVERE scarring :( just dont know what i am in for? any advice PLZ