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Hi people. I need your help. Can you share a routine to help me lose weight? I have been trying to lose extra pounds but every time I have tried a diet, a muscle mass was also reduced. It is as if I am in a magic circle, always repeating the same. Is there a diet that could help me out? I would really appreciate any help.


Perhaps you could try John Hansen program. It includes both specialized diet and workout routine. The point is, both program and diet are customized for you only, so before starting it, you will have to get exact measures like height, weight, fat percentage, proportion etc. I know many people who had similar problems to yours, they turned to Hansen and had a success. Perhaps you could try it, you really got nothing to lose at all.


Look, unless you are competing for a body building contest and need to trim down for a certain date in the future, you don't need to diet. Diets are not good for your body and they are especially not good for building muscle.

Keep your fat calories to less than 30%, easy to to, and do some aerobic exercise. I use a elliptical machine for 30 minutes BEFORE I lift weights. This workout started three years ago for me and I have lost almost 30 pounds since then.


You need to make sure you intake the RDA of water--at least 64 fluid oz. a day. Your body will take a couple of days to get used to it--you will probably have to pee a lot, but water is a very important part of your diet.

Make sure you are burning off more calories than you take in.

Try taking a walk for about 45 minutes 3-4 times per week.

Make sure you eat breakfast and never let yourself get hungry.

Here's a suggested schedule:

Breakfast: 200 cal. @ 8 or 9

Snack: 100 cal. @ 10 or 11

Lunch 300 cal. @ 12 or 1

Snack: 100 cal. @ 3 or 4

Dinner: 300-400 cal. @ 6

Snack: 100 cal. @ 8

**Don't eat anything two hours prior to going to bed--EXAMPLE: if you go to bed at 9, you should stop eating at 7.**

There are great 100 cal. snacks out there now...load up on those.

Hope I've helped.


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Eat less calories and burn more calories through exercise is the best way.