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I had unprotected sex on the 3rd of this month (April) and that was the last day of my period.

On the 14th, i noticed brown discharge when i wiped and this continued till yesterday the 18th. The discharge was sometimes stretchy and mixed with mucus. I was only seeing  it when i wiped.

My period is not due untill at least the 28th of this month.  Normally my period starts either on the 29th,30th,31st or 1st of every month. I usually ovulate in the middle of the month.

From what i read, implantation bleeding starts 10days after ovulation..usually close to the start of the next period, but mine is still a bit far away. So please, could this be implantation bleeding?

My upper abdomen hurts really bad. It's been hurting since the 8th of this month. I had pains that changed locations but the pain seems to concentrate more in my upper and left lower abdomen. 

And oh, we used the 'pull-out' method. I know it isn't a safe method but could you please help me know what could be wrong?


Sounds like implantation bleeding to me.
Its usually a pinkish-brownish colour when the egg implants into the uterus.
I would suggest getting a hom test or seeing your GP for confirmation.
Good Luck :)