Im a 24 year old women and I have very bad breath, and no matter what i do- flossing, mouthwash, swishing with warm salt water, scraping my tounge, chewing gum, breath mints, drinking lots of water, etc.... never seem to help.  its getting to the point that im embaressed to go into a public place (including my work) because the way people react by coughing, putting thier hands infront of their noses, and always avoid getting to close. Although im not able to smell the odor of my own breath,  i know it must be very unpleasent.  I havent always had bad breath though, i only stared to notice this a couple years ago... I have tried eveything i could absolutley think of (even contact my dentist) with no seen results. I just want to get rid of my foul breath once and for all so i can get back to the "old" me when i wasn't so self conscious all the time because it really has taken a huge toll my self esteem.   Any info or feed back would be greatly appreciated.  thanks in advance.