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Hi i have had an infected toe for 1 and half months to two months.. it has finally gone away But now my other big left toe is infected I have just left my right toe because i dont want a needle to go into my toe but i dont want to go though it again with my left toe so what would happen if i left it again? or go to the docter or can i do some home treatment to help it go away faster? P.s it is pretty swollin and it is flaking



Can you tell me more about the cause of the infection? You have to understand that two months of infection is a long period and in severe cases you could lose the toe on your foot. The infections are usually treated with antibiotics so in my opinion this could be treated with this. However if the infection is severe you will have to clean the toe first to get rid of all the problems that are caused by the infection. Do you have a lot of pain in your toe and are you able to walk normally? I think that you need to treat this as soon as possible in order not to lose the toe.

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