My husband has/had an infected eye tooth. A few days ago, the pain got intense and his lip and nose swelled up. He couldn't open his mouth to eat and the pain upon touch was severe.
I told him to make an appointment with the dentist ASAP. Of course he didn't and when i persisted, he got real cranky. I also suggested that he may want to go to the ER, which is within walking distance from our home, once again, he blew the idea off. I was thinking that the hospital could give him an antibiotic.
So...for 3 days i listened to him whine and complain and disregarding any of my helpful ideas. It sounds like i don't care, which i really do, but when you keep trying to help....well!!
Last nite the pain started to subside as did the swelling and by this morning it looked like it was totally gone. The only thing he took was Advil.
Is it possible that this infection "vanished"? Where did it go?? Could it have drained into his system?
He has not ran a temp nor has he been sick to his stomach. I know this tooth was infected because when i looked at it, it was pretty mean looking.
His top jaw was so swollen and beet red. The pain had gotten up to just under his left eye and his left nostril was twice it's size.