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Hi Yall, I need to ask a quick question. My budget is really limited at this time and I'm wondering where to get free test strips? I need to test 6 times a day and for the month that runs to 180 strips. WOW. This can end up being close to $200 a month (about $1 a strip, gee). I barely pay $200 a month to buy food on. I'm really at poverty level. It seems to me there would be a way to get free test strips at least for a while until I get over this money shortage. Can anyone help me here? Greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Hello, Go on the Internet and do a search for free diabetic test supplies. This is for people who have diabetes type 1 without insurance and can't afford them. You'll have to prove that you are eligible. This is an ACT1 diabetes group that are volunteers. They can supply non-prescription diabetes supplies such as glucometers, test strips and lancets and have been around since 2009. This is a free program. All requests are handled individually by way of email. These supplies come from donations make by the public and made available to those who need them. They support diabetics who can't afford insurance, have been denied insurance because of the existing pre-condition or those who are having hard economical times. This is not meant to be a long-term solution but rather supports immediate needs. The website contains a wide range of information on diabetes and contact information for various diabetic groups. I think you'll find this site very useful. Another consideration is some Canadian companies as some of them offer free glucometers and up to 300 test strips as a new customer. When you go online, just key in free diabetes test strips and that should pull up what is the most current site to get free diabetic supplies. This can change from day to day and week to week so stick with it. You'd be surprised what you can find.

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