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Hi guys, I seem to have a problem carrying my diabetes paraphernalia to school and so do some of my friends. Depending on what type of diabetes you have and your specific needs, some of the packs can be quite large and in many ways don't carry everything the way they should. Is there someone out there with the same problem and what about redesigning insulin packs for easy day to day use. Is there anyone out there that could redesign these packs and willing to take the time to do so? Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do to make something quickly to take up less space and still carry everything in my backpack without getting damaged?


Hi, you know it could be difficult to design a pack to carry everything. The meters are different and test strips come packaged differently and of course it depends if you are going to carry insulin with you and how the insulin is packed. If you have more than one meter, you probably should take the smaller of the two (if that's the case) to carry with you. You might find a carry case that is soft sided if yours doesn't have one. That might help free up some space. I know that some test sticks come in round containers and that can take up a bit of space. I don't know what you could do about that. I'm sure that some people could use one type of pack for everything and yet others would need a couple of separate packs. Perhaps one fitting inside of the other. On hot days, you would need some kind of pack that could keep your insulin cool but you probably wouldn't need that year round. Cooler packs are available from a Texas company for bottles and pens and you can store 1 of each at the same time if you like. I also think that maybe they could make a smaller insulin pen that could be used just when you're out for the day. Maybe they could make a refill for the small pen as well. I guess you could think of it as a travel kit. You also need a place to store your used lancets. I think redesigning insulin packs would take some serious engineering.