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i wanna mom is diabetic.....type 1 or 2 i donno
dr suggested her to start insulin injections once daily
now she is damn worried abt the injections....
first of all she is nnot ready for the injections meaning she says she'll take double dose of oral medicines but no injections
but the dr still insisted on injections
her next worry is
till how long she has to take these injections
i mean if the diabetes is in control will she has to continue them.....or will she b lucky enuf to leave the injections
plz reply anyone if knows the answer
she is hell worried


It depends on how high her blood glucose is and how long she has diabetes. There had been studies that showed diabetes patients who started insulin early could help the pancreas recover and be able to stop the insulin after 6 months of injection. I am not suggesting that your mother can stop her insulin after few months. However, it has happened to someone.

I understand a lot of patients are scared of injecting insulin. However, the later she start her insulin injection, the more difficult it is for her to control her glucose level. She should follow her doctor's advices.