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So I am really confused about this insulin and carb thing.  Am I to match insulin to carbs?  Were you told how to match insulin to carbs when diagnosed?  I don't remember being told so I don't know how to do it.  Does anyone have the formula to do it?  I couldn't find it on the internet.  I am worried about getting too much or not enough insulin.  This is really confusing to me.  How much am I to eat with the insulin?  Why do I need to eat and also take insulin?  Isn't insulin suppose to get rid of the glucose in your blood?  Then why take insulin only to eat carbs?  Wouldn't it make sense not to eat anything after you take insulin?  Why don't diabetics eat just more protein and fat and less carbs so that the insulin shots would not be required?  Doesn't that approach make more sense?  Is it a healthy thing to have insulin injected into the body? 


Hello, Guest...  You are asking about insulin and matching the insulin dosage to the carbs you eat?  The fact is you do not need to do that.  The doctor should be determining this for you and should have informed you of your carbohydrate needs and insulin dosage.  Insulin does not "get rid" of glucose in your blood.  It helps the glucose enter the cells of the body so that it can be converted to energy.  You need carbohydrates to live, so please don't cut them out of your diet.  Insulin injections are safe for you to use as it is produced under laboratory conditions and formulated to work for different situations.  It can be used to meet your individual needs. Listen to your doctor and follow the recommendations he/she has for you.  This will be to for the best for you.