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so it has happened :(  I have to start taking insulin.  I am really upset about it because i feel like  a freak.  Is there any other teenagers out there that have to give themselves a shot of insuln every day?  I don't like this at all but I have to do it, my mom says.  I am scared abotu it.  Please give me some advice. 


Hello, Guest:  I am so sorry about you having to start taking insulin shots. If there isn't a support group for young diabetics in your area, maybe you can start one.  You can start a Facebook page on it as well, just so you can talk to other people about your concerns. It can be hard for a younger person to absorb the fact that he/she has to watch what food to eat and not eat. A support group will help with this adjustment.  What is it that scares you the most about the insulin therapy?  Is it the shots themselves?  Or is it the injecting medicine into your body?  The needles are very small, smaller than the needles used to get your tetanus shots.  The injections will not hurt like a vaccination does.  This will help you if you are afraid of the pain.  You will get used to it and it will just be part of your routine like everything else.  You don't need to feel like a freak.  You would be surprised at how many teens, like yourself, that need to take insulin shots. 

Are there other people that would like to share their experiences with starting insulin therapy as a teenager?  How did you cope with this new way of life after being diagnosed with diabetes?  Is there any advice for this teen to make the adjustment as easy as possible?