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I'm trying to decide whether I want to stick with insulin injections or to go on an insulin pump. Can anyone tell me which they prefer and why a pump might be better than insulin injections, or vice versa? While I think it would be nice to not have to constantly stick myself with a needle, I'm not sure I want to have to worry about carrying around a pump. I wouldn't want people to see it and I'm fairly thin. I think it would show through my clothes. 


I would think a pump would be cumbersome compared to doing insulin shots as needed.  It just depends on whether you would be ok with giving yourself injections everyday.  Some people hate needles which is probably why they elect to have a pump so they don't have to stick themselves.  It seems that doing insulin injections would be the best bet for you.  Toting along a pump seems to be hard for someone who is active as well.  Does anyone have any experience out there that would have anything to share?  What is better, insulin injections or a pump?  Any feedback or suggestions for our guest?