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So I luckily (or not) found this website through a search engine. I scheduled a surgery last year, but had to reschedule and am now scheduled for a couple months from now. I have one internal hem that has prolapsed that I've had for over 10 years. I'm only 30. After reading on here, I was trying to find a surgeon that does laser removal, but can't seem to find anybody that thinks it's appropriate for me. They said that the pain is just the same, not matter which one you do. Has anybody on here had just one internal hem removed? Is the pain less than getting all three done? Do you think the younger you are the easier the recovery might be? What procedure do you think is the best? Stapled? Cut out with a scalpel? Lasered?

Any advice or suggestions about pre-op, and post-op (other than what I've read on here) I'd love to get any opinions on the issue. I'm now officially terrified! At one point I found somebody that had this list of things to go out and buy pre-op that makes life slightly easier on you. I can't seem to find it anymore. Anybody know the post I'm talking about? Thank you! :-D


Welcome and I too am in the same condition but i'm a bit older. Have you checked out THD this procedure is perfect for internal prolapsed hems you can see it on you tube just type in THD surgery and heaps of videos come up. It's only new but it has only a down time of a couple of days and it's not invasive (no cutting). You should give this a try before going full surgery as i think surgery is the last option.

If you are going full surgery are you doing PPH or the standard haemorrhoid surgery?