I've had problems with my throat for many years. Most of the problems were caused by tonsillitis that seemed to reoccur every few weeks. I finally had my tonsil removed in early 2011. 

In late May of 2012, I began to feel a throbbing feeling in down the left side of my throat. The pain comes from right at the back at my throat, at around the same level as where my glands sit. Sometimes the throbbing will disappear for a few days, but it always returns. Recently I have been feeling it on the right side also, but it is a lot duller. 

I've been to the doctor, and he suggested it was silent reflux. I took reflux medication prescribed and it didn't seem to help. 

The pain comes on at random times during the day and last for about 10 second periods. It's not a sever pain, but it is uncomfortable and noticeable. It generally just throbs or aches for a short period. Sometimes it almost feels as if it has something to do with my ears, but the feeling is so hard to locate. 

I've been meaning to go back to the doctors to have him give me a referral to my ear, nose and throat specialist, but have not had the time as of yet.

Any ideas as what this could be?

I'm a 21 year old female. I have anxiety issues (however this personally does not seem anxiety related to me at all). I do not know of any other help problems that I may be experiencing. My diet is pretty normal. I do take probiotics and berocca tablets every second day in the hopes of improving my immune system. I don't know if these can have an negative side effects