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Hello guys,

Today, while I was at the market, I run out at one old friend, Marrisa. We were going at the high school together, and she was always pretty one and the popular one. Yes, I was jealous and she was annoying. I think that I don’t love her yet lol.When I saw her, almost 15 years later, she is still the pretty one. I don’t know how! She told me that I gained a lot of pounds (Really, I didn’t know that).When I asked her what the secret of her good look is, she told me that she is following Kremlin diet program without exercising.

Is this possible?

Can you really lose your weight without exercising?



Yes, you are still jealous :D

Well, yes, they say that you don’t need to exercise when you are following this diet program, but I don’t believe this at all.

I mean, you can lose your weight, that is obviously, but what is going on with all that skin on your body? You have to exercise to be good looking, it doesn’t matter if some diet program works amazing or not.You can never do anything with exercising, remember this.

This is the best combination, it can’t just work without both factors.

Have a nice day!



Good day everyone,

A few years ago I was following this diet program as well. I was a little bit skeptical about this one at the beginning, but later it showed up like a really good choice. I was following this diet program for three months, or maybe even more, and during this process I was able to lose around 15 pounds. This diet program is not so complicated, it is pretty easy. Maybe you will have some things that you don’t know at the beginning, but it is simple. Trust me.If you want to know more, let me know!