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I'm scared that I'm not in love with this boy I'm scared I'm in love with having sex with him. Be have been dating for almost a year and ever time we see each other we have sex but beside that I do feel like I love him and we do things together to. Like one day we had sex and after we played in the mudd together and had a little mud fight. When I with him he makes me feel safe and I feel Extremely happy. And yes I did lose my virginty with him. I've had lost of chances to do it with other men but I chose him cause it felt right with him. And I'm always crying because I'm scared of losing him. So what I'm trying to say is I'm scared I'm in love with the sex cause we have it more than other couples do. But I can honestly say i dont want to be with anyone else .we talk about having a Family together and getting married. And he is also my best friend we talk about our feeling for each other and he said when he first kissed me he felt this spark between us and he knew that I was the one and he is always looking in my eyes . And we only get to see each other like every month or so cause his mom dosnt like me so we have to hide the relationship from his parents but all our friends know we're dating. And his friends tell me he talks about me alot and always says that he loves me. Can you help me? Is it love or lust


Hey Cora,

Dare I say it but... Stop having sex. Not completely, not forever, just for a little bit. Spend some time together without having sex. Go out on dates, play in the mud again! See if the spark is still there without having to have sex.


Hope I've helped!