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Hello there,

Yesterday, I was talking with my friend from Austria about detox foot pads. When I was talking, I was talking just about Kinoki, because, that is all I know :/ And, I do believe that there are some other detox foot pads, but I don’t know them.

Apparently, she does know, because she told me that there are a lot of different detox pads :) I know, when I was reading about it, I found this information, I know that of course, but somehow, I believe that Kinoki are the best.

Do you know, is kinoki the best brand of detox foot pads for weight loss?

Thank you! 


Hi girl,

Of course, there are. I don’t know that much about it, but my friend Ciara love to use detox pads, but according to her words, she is not that big fan of Kinoki brand. I am considering to use them once again, because it was pretty good while I was using them when I was running, sleeping. My friend is not overweight, she is healthy, and she exercise a lot. She has some problem with her toes, and that is why she is using them.

Now, the opinions are different because you can never tell which one is the best. Kinoki is one of the best on the market, but I would not say the best ever! 



Hey girls,

Definitely, it is, for me, and for all in my house :) I remember that my sister wanted to try some other detox food pads, and she bought some, I don’t remember which brand it was. She didn’t like it at all. She told me that those detox foot pads were so uncomfortable, that she was not able to wear them even when she sleeps lol :)

So, she is telling me that Kinoki is the best so far, and she doesn’t want to experiment anymore with other detox pads. It is different, from person to person, everyone has other opinion :)




Hi there,

Thank you all for sharing those information with me. I am aware that there are a lot of different foot pads, but I just wanted to tell her that on our televisions, there was just a kinoki commercial. When they put so much into this commercial, there must be a reason.

But, I was really wondering does anyone know more about it, what are your experience with other manufacturers.

I don’t know, I still believe that Kinoki is the best brand on the market :) Just because of the commercial, nothing else :)

And, I think that I will always use them :)