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Hello everyone.

My sister uses Orovo Detox pills for a week now. Everything is fine by now, but the results still haven’t come.

Our family friends came to visit us the other day and they kept talking about some kind of diet that isn’t so restricted but it is suppose to give great results. My sister bought that story immediately and now she is trying that diet plus the pills.

I’m really worried about her, I don’t know is that a smart idea. I really don’t want her to have some health issues. If anyone here knows can these pills be combined with diets, please write. 


Hi Mellisa23

I’ve been thinking about the same thing recently. Tried to find the answer on the internet but I had no luck.

I can only tell you my own personal opinion. I believe you can combine these pills with diet. I mean, why not. Orovo has only natural ingredients (at least they say so) and combined with some healthy diet can have synergic effect .  Huh? A healthy diet can bring in your body quality stuff that can improve your health, and there Orovo pills may come in handy for cleaning your organism from toxins and stuff.

Let somebody correct me if I’m wrong.



Hi all

I’m also very interested in this topic. Just a couple of days ago I was talking with this friend of mine about this. He is convinced that you must not combine pills with any kind of diet. When I asked him to explain me why he thinks so he was like ‘’I don’t know, everyone knows that you are not suppose to mix those two”. Now, I don’t know if he’s right. If you ask me, the above comment of Aristotle40 is very logical. I  really don’t see a reason why combining these two should be a problem.

If I find out something,  I’ll  let you know.