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Hello everyone.


My dog is having some issues lately. I was giving him a little bit of human food and a little bit of wet food. I was mixing this food and I was thinking that this is ok.

But lately I can see that he is having some problems with his stomach. I can’t tell you what problems are, because I don’t know that much.


So, I went to see my vet. He checked him and told me that I should consider to switch my dog to grain – free kibble food.

I will do this. I think that he can’t make a mistake.

Can you tell me what is the best brand of gran – free kibble?



Since grains have been found to be a source of allergies in some dogs, you need to be very careful when you need to choose the best brands.

Some foods are popular but they are not that good.


Sad, but true :)

I would recommend you Acana regional grasslands grain free dry dog food. This is very, very good option for your dog.

It has amazing ingredient list. There you can find deboned chicken, chicken meal, turkey meat, chicken liver oil, field beans, whole potato, whole egg, pea fiber, carrots, spinach greens, etc.

Ingredient list is killing me every time when I read it :)



Good afternoon people.


I haven’t experimenting a lot with brands. When I got a dog, my good friend Marwick told me that I should use California Natural Grain free.

I didn’t know a lot about it. I didn’t know generally anything about the food.

I just asked my vet can I feed my dog with it and he told me that I can.

So I did it.


The ingredients are:


Green lentils,

Sunflower oil,

Vitamin e,

Pea fiber,

Natural flavors,




Vitamin A supplement etc.


I am not sorry for listening to my friend.

I am satisfied with it and I would not change it.



Hello. Good choice everyone. To be honest, I don’t know a lot of good brands. It is not because there are no brands, it is because I don’t feed my dog with it. But I have a few advices that can help you, I am sure. First, you need to look for kibble with meat as it is primary source of protein. Also you need to avoid kibble with wheat, soy, corn etc as the main ingredient. Many dogs are allergic to wheat and corn as well. Read the labels! Avoid any food that has wheat or corn gluten. Avoid generic ingredients such as poultry meat, fish meal, etc.



Hey there.


I am feeding my dogs with grain – free kibble sometimes. I’ve tried a lot of brands and I have a few of them that I always choose.

I made my own top 5 :)

I usually buy Nature’s variety instinct raw boost. I like it because I am a fan of raw food. The main ingredient is chicken. Maybe it is a little bit expensive – it costs around 55 dollars, but I think that is worth of buying.


If you can’t find this brand in the market, try Blue Buffalo freedom. It costs less than this first option. The main ingredients are deboned chicken, chicken meal, potatoes, peas, tomatoes.


Good luck with choice because there are so many good brands.



Hi, how are you?


Long time no see :)


I will join this discussion even if you already know that I don’t have a dog. But I can clearly remember that my friend was talking about this food. She is not for it but when she is on the business trip she buys grain – free kibble for her lovely pet.


She swears that Canidae grain free pure food is the best product on the market ever because it includes five dry dog foods for maintained. You can find certain foods with some different ingredients but this products will keep your dog healthy.

Who knows maybe it is worth trying :)