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Good day all,

I have Kinoki detox foot pads, like many of you I think :) They are fine for me, they are comfortable but I never asked myself – what is the secret? I mean, do you guys even know how this one works?

What is the secret behind Kinoki detox foot pads for weight loss?

Now, I am really curios about this, but I can’t find answer anywhere on the internet.

Tell me if you do know something about this. How does it works, what is the biggest secret? Is there even a secret, lol?

Any information will be good enough :D


Hey there,

I don’t think that they have any secret. That is my opinion. I have them as well, but I think that some stories are just good TV champagne! OK, they are comfortable, but I don’t believe that kinoki foot pads can really detox your system totally with all those naturally captures toxins from your body while you sleep. It is pretty much impossible for me, and that is just one more reason why I don’t believe that there is a secret.

Of course, you are here to correct me if I am wrong!

That is my opinion :)

If you know something else, let me know! 




The main secret is that Kinoki detox foot pads are stuck on the bottom of your feet, and they supposed to draw out toxins, like heavy metals. So, in the morning, when you peel off the detox foot pads, it is dark or without color at all. That shows are toxins removed from your body or not. But, there is no one sentence are those pads safe, do they really work.

That is the secret. Nobody can tell, I know a few people who had discolored pads, I know a few of them who had dark pads.

It is different.