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OKay so i was trimming my sack earlier yesterday and i came across this bump on my left testicle. I freaked out but realized it was an ingrown hair. Wasn't colored anything crazy so i started to pop it in the shower. When it poped it looked like a lil piece of a hair was sticking out so i pulled on it and about a few seconds later i realized there was a long hair sticking from the poped hole. Must be an ingrown right? Well here is my question.

i think i squeezed so hard that it made the surrounding part of the tiny hole red. Is this infected? Or is it just soar from the popping? Im getting worried because i read all of this stuff about infected ingrown hairs getting into the blood and i DONT HAVE A DOCTOR!

please help!


It's most likely sore and red from popping it.

Don't worry about an infection, just keep it clean, you'll be fine.