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Look, I'm sorry if this is posted twice but I'm not used to this whole forum thing ^^* sorry.

I've been shaving myself reguarly in the pubic area since I was about sixteen. I do it every two days or so to keep it nice and smooth. I do use a razor, and because we only have a shower, I shamefully dry shave nearly all of the time.

I noticed a lump forming under the skin that looked similiar to a bruise when it was at it's worst; red/purple looking, and it would be quite painful and very, very itchy. I went to the doctors a few months ago having lived with it for a few years, the decision being made when it reached a point where it literally burst, and blood came out. It happened a few times.

My doctor, the only female one there, was painfully dismissive. She literally saw it and diagnosed me instantly. She said I could do nothing to treat it.

And that was that. But recently it really flared up and I'd had enough so I looked at these forums and took some action. I bathed it, and squeezed. Puss and some blood, but then something else came out
It wasn't very big, and was red and stung to touch. Hairs poked out of it I think. It's gone back in now, but the head pokes out.

It bleeds a little, and walking or taking my knickers down hurts so much.
I don't know what to do - I'm petrified.


wow dont squeeze! i did that and it made it worse. its a case of hope and pray it goes away quickly. i get about 8-10 per year. i think its cos i have very thick hair. i'm gonna try waxing so the hair comes through at a point rather than flat. it should help.


USE HIBBI SCRUB!!!!!! THE WHOLE WASH IT REALLY WORKS!!!! I have used it for 1 year now and it's the best. I first went to an NHS clinic where the lady i saw never helped then went to my local doctor. I showed my doctor and she gave my a perscription of HIBBI.
People do say certain things to make you feel off but this women gave me the best problem solver after years of going through it.

It's around £7 + so i would more than advise it, im not joking either, it helps when someone can give you a name of something
that works, especially for us women.