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hey i'm 13 and i was wondering if my penis was small and if i don't have enough pubic hair. when i'm not hard my penis is about 2 inches and when hard 4.5. Also i don't know if i have enough pubic hair, my friend flashed my and he had a legit jungle, you could see no skin, i counted my pubic hairs, i have somewhere around 30. although i did beat him by far in armpit hair, and he has a lot, plus he's only like 5 mo older than me, i turned 13 in june


Kevin, relax buddy. Your penis will get bigger as you age. You're only 13 and you will get a full jungle of pubs before you know it.  Kids of the same age grow up at different rates.  There are no rewards or prizes for having the most pubic hair, I assure you. Besides, once you get that jungle of pubes you'll probably want to manscape it anyway since hairless men seem to be the thing to be these days. (I ain't EVER gonna shave my balls!!)

Hey, didn't you say you beat him in the hairy arm pit department? Take a victory whenever you can get it!