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Hello there,

I am traveling in a few days in Zimbabwe, and I have to say that I just can’t wait. Well, the only problem that I can have is a problem with food and problem with eating. I know that I won’t be able to find a lot of things that I can eat, because the kitchen is totally different, so I am looking for some good meal replacement, that is really effective for a weight loss as well.

My best friend Samara told me that soylent is really good, and that I should try using it.

Is that true?

I have never before heard about this one.



Hey there,

I am not so sure about this what am I going to say to you, but I believe that this is not designed to help people who are on the diet program. But, it can help you to manage your calories and to control your body figure. Basically, it is a good thing, even if it won’t help you to be skinnier while eating it. So, it can be good for someone, for someone can be bad, but you can try with it if you are going on the vacation.

You should try it anyway.

Have a nice trip! 




Ok. I am guessing as well that this one will be helpful, but I am not that sure about it. I was searching something and I have heard that this one helped a lot of people to reduce their calorie intake as well. So, that is one more thing that is giving me hope.

I made my decision – I will try it so I will see what is going to happen. I believe that everything will be OK, and that I will be able to survive at my journey :)

Thank you, your post is helpful a lot!

Enjoy darling!