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Good day all,

A few days ago, I bought some soylent. I have heard that this mail replacement is pretty good, so I have decide to try it. I hope that this one will help me. Let me tell you – I have a big problem issue. I just eat without control all the time, I don’t know why. Maybe because I am depressed, but that still is not ok. So I have decide to make my life better, and I decided to use Soylent, my sister told me that it can be excellent.

So, tell me do you believe that soylent meal replacement can solve our food problems?

Thanks for any information! 


Hey there girl,

I am not so sure. I mean, I don’t believe that this one will solve your food problems. It is just a replacement when you don’t have a time to eat, or it is an amazing replacement when you have to cut out some foods. Now, if you are overweight, you just can’t expect that this one is a magic meal replacement and that this one will help you lose all your unwanted pounds. No, because that process is a little bit longer.

It is helpful, it is healthy, but it doesn’t make miracles :)

Good luck! 



Hey there,

A few months ago, I was using soylent meal replacement. It has all the nutrients that human body needs, and it is safe. So, it can’t be bad, and I believe that this one can solve your food problems. Not completely, of course, because I have to agree that this is longer process than this.

But, I am sure that this one can help you and that this one will be one step closer to solving your food problems.

I am a male and it helped me, so I know what am I saying.

Good luck to you!