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Planning a diet, and making sure you plan ahead, cook all your healthy meals, eat them at the right times, and avoid junk food can be tricky. However, with a step by step guide to planning, this can be made much simpler.
To lose weight, you should be eating a calorie controlled diet, composed predominantly of healthy foods, packed full of protein, good fats, unrefined carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. This sounds pretty easy on the face of it, but when It comes down to it, sometimes it’s not so straightforward.

Learn to Cook

As mentioned earlier, cooking weight loss meals is actually fairly easy, but many people are put off by the idea of extra effort. However, learning how to prepare a few simple meals makes following your diet so much easier. Soups, casseroles, omelets, stews, curries, chilies, and basic meat, fish and vegetable dishes are all quick and easy to make, and don’t require much effort, prior planning, or time. If you’re still not sure about cooking, sign up for a beginner’s weekend cookery course, or ask a friend to show you some tips in exchange for you cooking for them.

Make Extra

If you’re making your meal for the evening, why not make more of it, and have it for lunch the next day? Something like a chili can be prepped in around 15 minutes, and takes about half an hour to cook. But making three or four portions won’t take three or four times as long – you’re probably looking at an extra five minutes for prep, and five for cooking. That’s four meals made in under an hour!

You can freeze these for cooking later
, or store them in Tupperware and take them to work for lunch the next day. Another good plan is to always have a few healthy pre-cooked dishes in your freezer, ready for a quick blitz in the microwave when you get in and can’t be bothered to cook.

Keep a Food Diary

A food diary keeps you honest about what you eat, and guilt trips you into not succumbing to junk food cravings.

Shop Smart

Try to shop on the same day, at the same time each week. This gets you into good habits, and ensures that you always have a decent supply of dieting foods. Write one list to use as a template every week with your staple foods, then add different bits to it for each weekly shop, depending on what you need or fancy.

You could also try shopping more at local stores, or farms if you have any near to you. You’ll often get some great deals, and better produce.

Find Healthy Restaurants

Sometimes you will be really pushed for time, and don’t want to have to cook and prepare food, or even worry about trying to be healthy. Resist the urge to cheat on your diet though, by making a list of all the restaurants near you that serve diet-friendly food. Steak houses and Italian restaurants are usually good bets for healthy meals, but even fast food joints can be healthy – a burger without the bun and fries, a grilled chicken salad, or a wholegrain sandwich with meat and veggies are all acceptable fast food choices once in a while.

Don’t let lack of organization be your downfall. If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.