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Hey people,

My aunt and my mother decided to eat soylent, because they have heard that this supplement, or call it whatever you want, can really help you lose your weight. They are older ladies, so that is why I am a little bit scared. They joined some club about soylent, and I know that in this club almost everything is so perfect. I think that they are blind about it lol :)

Joke a side, I really want to know for how long you need to eat soylent to start losing weight?

Any information is helpful.

Tnx a lot! 


Hey there,

Well, maybe it is a little bit stupid to say, but you have to eat soylent as long as you don’t see some results, or as long as you want to make some goal. I mean, you do know how much weight do you want to lose, right?

So, soylent can help you in this, but you have to be patient as well. Nothing can happen without this. My first advice is to have Soylent breakfast, because this will get your metabolism going for the day. I hope that this advice is helpful to you!

If you have any question, feel free to ask! 



Hello there,

I was eating soylent a few months ago, when I wanted to lose my weight for one amazing party that I had back then. I was really happy when my sister told me about this, because she is using this one as well. I needed to lose my weight to fit into my smoking :) To be honest with you.

So, I was eating soylent for three months, I think, I am not sure if it was a few days more, but I have to say that I was really happy with the results, because I have lost 28 pounds in three months, which was really impressive result :)