I am 62 and have been through a pretty dreadful peri-menopase
that resulted in a hysterectomy at 49. Was on HRT for 10 years as
the Menopause symptoms flushes etc were horrendous. HRT is fantastic
and I had the best 10 years very healthy and happy. The Doctor decided
I had been on it long enough as they cause heart/breast cancer. The
last three years have been back to square 1. Flushes, insomnia, vaginal
itching I am feeling very down and depressed life is getting to be not worth
living. Is this it now for the rest of my life or can I go back on HRT.
can.t really discuss all this with my doctor he is a young man and thinks
I am a hypocondriac. He should know though as the ten years I was on
HRT I only made 1 visit to his surgery for a sinus infection!!!