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I am almost 14 and I think I still haven't hit puberty. I can notice a few changes but very weak ones like I have a lot of pubic hair but have a small penis. My testicles have grown a little bit. I have a bit of acne and a bit of armpit hair but I can't seem to really get taller, I am about 5'7. My voice isn't deepening either. Can someone please tell me whats happening if they know whats the issue?


Hi Guest

You are well into puberty the pubic and armpit hair confirm it.
Your height for 13 is fine and your penis size is probably about average for your age 3 to 4 inches is normal.
You are no where near being done growing so you should get taller and bigger.
It sounds you like you are developing just as you should be you just need more time to grow and develop.