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I am 16 in July the 10 and only have I have around 20 hair around the base of  where my penis is and they all are less than an inch long and 5 long ones around the penis I can see my ballsack has grown a bit since last year but my penis hasn't wit is1 inch long and when is aroused it is 2 inches long when I wanke the come is really watery and only a little bit comes out and is not that sticy and not white I am around 83kg and about 1.5 meters tall I have grown taller and have no facial hair a squecky voice and no chat or armpit hair I am scared if I will never hit puberty and haven't told my parents because it is a bit wiered and I am not brave enough to tell my parents need help


Hi guest,

It sounds as if you are in puberty. 

Not everything happens at once OR at the same rate/time as everyone else.  The first sign is that you indicate your scrotum is getting bigger - NORMAL.  Your genitals will grow during puberty.  Your penis can continue to grow into your early 20's.

Not all guys are very hairy either. 

Semen is normally clear when you first start to ejaculate.  As you get older it will become more "milky."  That you can ejaculate indicates that you ARE in puberty.

The voice change often comes later.  It is NOT unusual for armpit hair to come in much later either.

You are NORMAL.  Don't compare yourself to anyone else.

Hope it helps.



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