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All my past relationships the guys had hair like Zayn Malik or Luke Hemmings. Girls had thick long hair usually to wairt or hips. My current boyfriend wont grow his hair like that he recently cut it and i got mad about it I dont even know why i like him how he is just short hair not like past relationship just annoys me and i love hair like that. Im wondering if there is such an obsession and if there is a name for it if so?


Hi redhead_abby

Yes, it is an obsession to see things you consider as having highest sex appeal. However your boyfriend has his own options to cut his hair short - he may feel more comfortable with that.

However that does not mean end of  relationship. I am sure both of you share common interests, try to build on them. Try explaining how growing hair will make you happy. If he loves you, he will understand what that means. Good luck :)