a couple weeks ago, i had a gallbladder attack. horrible pain for almost 2 days. ultrasound showed my gallbladder wall was thickened, but no gallstones.
last friday, i had a hida scan done, and it was normal.

while i have not been in NEARLY as much pain as i was those couple days, i still have been having mild pains. mainly below my ribs in middle and right side, right upper back, and middle of back.
plus i seem to always be nautious, and get dizzy spells.

is it possible that my g/b is still inflamed, and the hida scan didnt see that? Does the hida scan even detect that or does it just show the function of your g/b.

if hida scan came out normal, is it still possible my gallbladder may need to come out?

tia for any help